Comedy in its raw state, totally unrehearsed, and unintentional

No need for any comment. It is what it is.

Notice the banner on the bottom;

“Biden, Harris says no plans to visit border”

I thine the comedy is that people actually think Biden won.

Ok Pillow Guy.

Looks like Eric Trump has nothing on you, when it comes to comedy.

Biden isn’t a winner and never will be a winner.

'Cept he beat your guy.

Doesn’t say much about your guy, since HE lost to someone you think is a loser. If Trump wasn’t so dim, he’d be embarrassed by his loss.

Biden had to cheat to make it happen. Biden is a loser. Always has been. Always will be.

I don’t know about you, but if Biden pulled out a win, by cheating, I am damned impressed.
Can you imagine all the accomplishments he’ll have during his term, if he puts in even half of the effort it took to con the conman president, who apparently had to just stand there and take it up the rear?

Of course you would be. Indoor plumbing, electricity, are still marvels to you.

Between the two of us, I’ll bet that I’m the only one who doesn’t need to call a plumber, or an electrician, or any contractor for that matter, for things like swapping out fixtures, or building a brand new shower, where once stood a bathtub.
I do marvel however, at how helpless most people are without an army of contractors on speed dial.

I’m quite handy but I pay others to do such work. It doesn’t make sense economically for me do it.

I may more per hour then I pay for such work.

I do a lot myself, but I am pretty good at knowing when me trying to “fix” something could end up doubling the price of a professional.

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