Column: Adding dental coverage to Medicare makes a lot of sense — except to dentists

I am posting this under the humor category. Just picturing Henrius reading this is enough to crack me up. :grinning:

That’s why I don’t listen too much to Henrius on universal care opinions. Funny thing is doctors seem to get paid well enough in europe.

Apples and oranges. Most don’t come out with the debt we have and also have a much shorter medical school.

While doctors appear to make insane salaries, most don’t but you also need to think they put their wages on hold for 12-16 years.

We also make it overly complicated to become a doctor here to reduce supply. Many European countries try to increase the supply to keep cost down.

Agreed. I don’t doubt for a minute that there are other factors too that come into play. I am no expert on this industry by any means, but I would surmise that malpractice insurance is one such factor too.

That is why I am hoping that @Henrius will see this and weigh-in with his observations. He may be biased from where he sits, but he also has an insider perspective that many of us, myself included, do not.

You don’t know anything about what MDs net in Europe. Not any more than you know about orthodontics, which is zero. FYI, I have an Italian orthopedic surgeon in my practice. (She has a commuting marriage to an American.)

Sure can’t have plenty of enough physicians in Europe, with the waiting times for non-emergency surgeries like joint replacements.

If they are paid so well, how come Great Brittain has to import so many physicians from Eastern Europe? They even fly some in on weekends to staff British ERs.

The LA Times- as good a source of information about CNN.

The article makes me laugh. Taking 40% less for procedures would mean most dentists lose money treating seniors. I will let you guess what happens with that scenario. Will it be cut corners, use cheaper labs and materials, or just not take seniors as patients? Or perhaps like medical, charge other patients more to subsidize treatment of seniors.

Why not just fix the price of all health care procedures low enough to make health care “affordable?” The government should know what the “best” prices are for all dental procedures better than the free market, right?

So do we.

Where do we import foreign physicians to work our ERs for the weekend? There is no reciprocity here for foreign MDs. It is illegal for foreign physicians to practice here. When GB was part of the EU, there was reciprocity of licensure.

We don’t actively import MDs. They SEEK to come here and have to work hard to get licensed here. There are a lot of Canadian physicians sick of that dysfunctional system who seek licensure here in the US. My wife’s daughter’s husband is going through getting licensed to practice here. The applications cost him a lot of money and the fees for the tests are very high. Once licensed, they have to do any residency over here.

Please THINK about the accuracy of what you say before you post it.

IDK about for a weekend, but we import a lot of our docs, especially in rural areas. I’m not sure there are many in my town who were born in the US.

We don’t have enough med schools and residencies.

To my knowledge, we don’t actively import any MDs. They apply to be licensed here to get out of the hellholes they are from. I practiced in a town of 5000 with a Bulgarian physician. The physician sought licensure here in the US of his own ambition. He was not “imported.” The town actively recruited him once he was licensed in Georgia. Unfortunately, like me he found he could not make a living in the small town and left. You have no idea how hard it is to make a living in small towns with a huge population of poor patients on money-losing Moochercaid. Plus so many paying patients are addicted to prescription drugs and doctor-shop until they can procure their supply.

We have PLENTY of medical schools. Georgia will soon have SIX, way too many for your population. There are not enough GPs and internists because it is too hard to make a decent living with the enormous school debt with these residencies. Try turning a profit on Moochercaid and Medicrap fees.

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