Josh McDaniels just lost to a coach who was Managing at Academy Sports last week.

How did he ever get a second head coaching job?

For the same reason he got his first job: his performance on Bill Belichick’s staff. This just continues a pattern of Belichick assistants flopping as head coaches.

For the flip side, though, one failed head coaching stint does not necessarily need to disqualify one from a second shot. As an example. Raheem Morris was hired very young by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and didn’t do that well. He has since had several assistant coaching positions plus served as the interim coach of the Falcons. He is now the defensive coordinator for the Rams and - at least before the season started - was considered a good head coaching candidate.

Reminds me of Celtics coach Rick Petino who was a great college basketball coach but terrible NBA coach

Time to pile on.

Best quote:

Jeff Saturday beating Josh McDaniels proves that the only thing worse than hiring with absolutely zero coaching experience is hiring someone with experience coaching under Bill Belichick

That’s gold Jerry! Gold!

Just saw on Twitter some beat writer for the Raiders is saying that Carr will take the heat for the awful season.

Here is a story on how Carr may be the one to face the worst consequences.

On any other team in the league, that article would have it exactly backwards. Carr is a good to very good QB. He should be safer than a coach who shouldn’t have been hired in the first place.

Luckily for them, they play my Broncos next week, the source of one of their two wins. The Broncos are equally dysfunctional, with a good defense, bad playcalling, bad QB play, and an offensive line that can’t keep the QB upright. (3rd string center, 2nd or 3rd string LT, and the right side was a mess before the season even started).

I like Carr.
Not only his physical talents, but he has shown over the years to be a very competent leader.
I hope the Raiders cut bait and my Titans pick him up.
With a good QB they would be unstoppable.

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Not sold on Tannehill? I didn’t get to see yesterday’s game, only highlights. I’m not clear where he stands now.

No offense, he only beat the Bronco’s by 7, and Wilson had more passing yards.

Of the Broncos’ 6 losses, only one was more than 7 points, and that was to the Raiders (9 points). They have a very good defense, but are getting no help from the other side.

The worst consequences for Carr would be for the Raiders to not release him and not letting him escape that shit show.

No shit!!

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Yes I think they have a good OL so he can finish his career with great potential

Isn’t that what messed up Barkley’s career that he was stuck with the shit show 76ers after Julius retired