College Football News

“Get the Wildcats out of your mouth. Northwestern, motivated by negative comments from Joey Galloway, took it out on Wisconsin, 17-7. The Wildcats are 5-0 in the Big Ten for the first time since 1996, Pat Fitzgerald’s senior year.”

Gotta love the “Fighting Rece Davidses”

Michigan took 2 OT to beat Rutgers last Saturday. Had they not, Harbaugh may have been gone and probably should have been anyway. His teams get worse each season.

JimToo - Your post about Michigan reminded me of Thanksgiving at our house in 1995. It was the day before the Michigan - Ohio State football game and if Ohio State lost that game, then Northwestern, who did not lose any football games in the Big Ten conference that season, would become the Big 10 Champions. Our daughter, who was a freshman at Northwestern at the time, was commenting at dinner that if Ohio State loses to Michigan, Northwestern would be going to the Rose Bowl. So, needless to say, our daughter was rooting for Michigan because it would be like rooting for Northwestern. Our friends told her that there was no way that would happen because Ohio had been undefeated at that point in time. The following day the impossible happened. Ohio State lost to Michigan and Northwestern went to the Rose Bowl for the first time since 1949. Our daughter went to that Rose Bowl game with a group of her college friends. It was a memorable experience for them even though Northwestern lost that Bowl game.