Colin Kaepernick sends letter to Jets requesting position on practice squad

No, this is not a joke.

Just when I thought this might be over.

This is not addressed at you @wmj


Surprise! Surprise! The Jets passed.

And, football fans all around are so saddened by this news.

NFL Fans Saddened By Colin Kaepernick’s Jets Letter

That one is intended to be satire. Get a load of this one:

Another issue that is just about generating clicks, and see…it works. People who like or hate Kaep will click and keep the story going. It hasn’t been about football for either side for a long time. If it was, he’d be on a team, or would have been.

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I honestly feel like I lost brain cells.

Restarting this thread. Like clockwork:

“Minnesota is a playoff contender.

After losing Kirk Cousins you have to think they reach out to Colin Kaepernick.”

-Talk Radio

Maybe he can write the Vikings asking to be on their practice squad.