Cold vs Allergy

How can you tell the difference between a cold and an allergy since both of them has similar symptoms?

Not always possible. You might have to look for patterns, like do you see the same symptoms every year about the same time, etc.

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Stupid answer, but by treating them.
I developed seasonal allergies in my 40’s, and take a daily zrtech to treat it.
If I have similar symptoms I know I have a cold.


I’ll take Benadryl, if it helps, I figure its allergies, if not it’s a cold.

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You should look into the concerns about the long term use of Benadryl. Lots of info out there.

I have a number of allergies that are not serious, but consistent enough that they can be annoying. I have 3-4 different antihistamines that I rotate through when needed, Loratadine (generic Claritin), Xyzal and Flonase.

Allergies are usually inflammation; it would be a persistent cough. Colds usually have spaced coughing

Benadryl is a horrific anticholongeneic drug

It comes with a huge dementia risk. That maybe explains 50 years of bad decisions by Joe

That’s with long-term use. Occasional use doesn’t necessarily have that correlation.

My understanding (I’ve never bothered to check) is that Tylenol PM has the same ingredient. It works for me when I have a headache and need to get some sleep, but I’m judicious with how often I use it, and unless my headache is really bad, I usually only take one.

I don’t take Benadryl that often. As for Dementia, I’ll be 74 next month and can still remember when I was 5 yrs old. But it might take me a few seconds to remember what I went into the kitchen for. :joy:

As a side note, I tried one gummy a day for a week and felt nothing, so I ate a cookie at only 10mg, my anxiety went through the roof. Probably all in my mind, but I didn’t like it, so marijuana isn’t for me. :joy: