Coffee for a good cause

My bike group did our usual coffee ride today. We rode to a shop in downtown Kansas City, Kansas - one of the “most miserable cities in the US”. But there are kind souls in miserable places I guess…There was about 30 riders today, and I was heading to the rest room before riding back and passed the owner in a hallway. He was almost in tears as he told me how much he appreciated our group coming there. I know every place we go likes our money, but he really appreciated us. But it is more than a coffee shop. I found this article about the place. I am proposing that our group go here at least once a month. The food and coffee are great, and the purpose they serve proves that kind hearts can be found in “miserable places”.

Maybe sometime this summer I will meet you there for lunch.

Sure thing…but I only know how to get there on my bike!

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