Cochlear Implants

I received my first implant about 3 weeks ago and I am now undergoing the speech recognition training.

I have heard the turn signals on my car for the first time in many years and I had not idea that the car had a backup waring signal util after the operation.

My excuse for not paying attention to what my wife said has been shot to hell.

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It’s very cool technology.

Since you had hearing before. How’s the quality ? Most people I’ve seen with it were born deaf. So they can’t compare before and after.

Very cool.

It’s quite different.

There are on line voice recognition programs and I have down load one of those and using it.

I have just gotten started so it’s to early to tell what the end results will be.

My wife says that my voice has changed and is lower.

This occurs because when we speak we have a tendency to mimic what we hear. (That’s how children learn speech).

I am also taking a series of in person speech counseling sessions.

I will update this later.

I have heard that people hear better overall, of course, but music can sound…tinny or something. Interesting to hear if you’ve listened to music yet.

I have a hard time understanding lyrics.

Part of this may be that I have some hearing left in my right ear and the two types of sound merge. I hope this improves when I get the CI for my right ear,

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