Co-worker and vax

I just heard from a co-worker that tested positive.
She got it from her daughter, so no contact with me.

She was extremely vaccine hesitant for a very long time.

About 2-3 months ago she got vaxxed and has admitted that she is very happy she did.

I wish more people would get the shot.

While it won’t stop the spread, it will help the hospitals keep pace.

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It was funny to hear that she admitted it.

The thing is, none of us at work that were vaxxed pressured her, we just told her we were happy and why we did it.

I’d like to think stories like that will get some of the resistant people to get it. I know someone who was just taken off a vent recently and had to get a tracheostomy. Some of his most recent FB posts were mocking the vaccines. I hope it will change the minds of the people around him, but not counting on it.

My kid said that pretty much all the Covid patients are getting trachs. Fun times