CNN+ vs Root Canal!

ATLANTA, GA—Streaming service CNN+ blew away all expectations by lasting nearly three weeks before its demise was announced by Warner Bros. Discovery this morning.

Analysts had expected the service to last no longer than about thirteen hours, so CNN is calling the full three-week lifespan of the paid streaming platform “performance beyond our wildest dreams.” Some more optimistic projections had expected the service to last through its first weekend, but regardless, no one thought the service would last as long as it did.

Primary among the factors that led analysts to this conclusion is that people won’t even watch regular CNN at an airport for free, so getting them to watch a paid version seemed like a long shot. Also, many in the industry were concerned that CNN Plus programming was "painful to watch and lowering expectations for the streaming service. :grinning:

BTW, how did Humor get combined with Cooking??

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How many threads on CNN+ do we need? This is the most publicity they’ve ever gotten.

We are not even close to Pscott’s hit pieces on Trump.
I doubt CNN will last long enough for that to happen!

So as many as threads on Trump…got it.

I’m surprised it’s not still Bush’s fault

CNN+'s demise just happened, it’s current news. If righties are still posting daily about it a year from now like lefties are posting about a guy that’s been out of office for over a year you’d have a point.

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That’s fine I guess, I barely found it worthy of one thread much less 3 or 4.

I think there have been more comments than there were CNN+ watchers.


Have you seen my cooking?

This is more a dumping ground to avoid meme in the politics forum

I’m not sure you know how publicity works. I doubt if anyone reading this is any likelier to ever pay a single ounce of attention to that dumbass corporation simply because we are mocking its abject failure.

That’s a great point. I doubt if this topic survives another week. It sure as shit won’t be 2+ years.

Like Jim said, the 3 threads on CNN+ could equal or exceed the amount of subscriptions.

I’m just looking forward to seeing what they’ll try next. They’ve already obsessively stalked a POTUS they didn’t like & made up all kinds of bullshit about him, turning themselves into video tabloids.

Their embarrassing excuses for journalists are generally speaking some of the most despicable human beings on the planet, who act like cartoon characters (Cuomo, Toobin, Lemon, etc).

You kind of wonder how much lower they can sink.

New mgmt is talking about moving back to the center towards real news, first Iraq war style. But words are words until something changes…we’ll see.

I was surprised to learn CNN currently makes 1B profit per year…how?

I agree. It takes unimaginable effort, precision, & ruthlessness to turn around a rotten culture at a huge corporation. Much easier said than done.

As I mentioned in one of the Disney threads, these corporate failures are usually as much attributable to the employees & subordinate managers as they are to the top leadership. Perhaps more so.

A whole lot of advertising. I rarely watch any so-called TV news, but I admit I sometimes listen to a simulcast on satellite radio when driving around. The ads come every 7-8 minutes, and the ads are simply crap. I usually give up after a short time and go back to music.

I am still baffled at how advertising can be such a lucrative business. I know we have some truly dumbass mother freakers in this country, but there can’t be that many.

Sometimes I suspect the TV/media/internet advertising business is a big fraudulent numbers game where money ultimately originating from the government is passing around these blue bloods in a big circle jerk.

Chain restaurants, for instance, are god awful. The best restaurants tend to be holes in the wall that often do no advertising of any kind and survive (even thrive) on word of mouth reputation alone.

There was some seriously bad market analysis going on here. Why would people pay for liberal propaganda when they get it free from ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN already ?