CNN sucks

Thread number five :wink:

Good one

Someone needs to make it a half Dozen… I am working on it.

It’s been more than a year since Conservatives had something to crow about.
I am crowing and loving it… and Disney makes 2… looking for #3… Any ideas???

Why hasn’t cnon posted a thread on CNN+ yet?

I see Chris Wallace getting shredded on FB as if he made a misstep jumping to CNN+. What nobody seems to realize is he got a massive guaranteed payday to do so. Pretty sure his feelings aren’t hurt.

Like he needed the Money???

His Pride is in shambles.
His fierce departure from Fox now looks like a Joke… on him!!

I’m not Chris Wallace, but do you think his pride or opinion of himself is affected by whatever contract he’s under? I don’t know his contract details but if the CNN contract is higher than Fox offered, then of course he had to leave.

Do you know what it means to be humiliated… actually, No you Don’t.

It’s never happened to me, and near as I can tell it hasn’t happened to Chris Wallace. Pretty sure he has a nice deal at the now defunct CNN+, and the check has already cleared.

Beemer is very bothered by all these CNN+ threads. He hates them so much that he comments in every single one of them, multiple times.

Really? I actually created the first one as an olive branch to my righty friends.

Yet you’re entering every other one & complaining about it. Odd behavior.

Makes it look like you have a soft spot for CNN.

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