Cleveland Browns: Karma or cursed? Deshaun Watson out for year

Some would say this franchise is cursed. Others would say they are getting what they deserve for giving up a ton for Watson and giving him the king-sized fully guaranteed contract.


I was going to use this as an example of why the NFL doesn’t do fully guaranteed contracts.
The Texans are looking smart right now.

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As are the Falcons, Panthers and Saints: the three other teams who were pursuing Watson but would not give him a fully guaranteed contract.

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Cleveland, the city, has long been called the mistake by the lake. Having been there many times, I think the city has come a long way and that should no longer be the case. The football team may be another story.

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reason why the union should fight for it. Other non-QB get screwed when hurt

They would have to give up a lot.

It’s really hard to make the Texans look smart.

Talking to a brick wall.

Yes you are. You don’t see the other side. Watson may never play again and he is protected by the guaranteed money. A lineman who gets hurt and may never paly again gets cuts and gets nothing

Which is why they negotiate a signing bonus


Which, when looking at the contract overall, will most likely result in more guaranteed money than the player would get under a system requiring fully guaranteed contracts.

As I said earlier, the Watson contract is an outlier. The Browns were desperate to sign him and had to give him that contract for Watson to give them the time of day. They pretty much sold their souls for him.

Fully guaranteed contracts would probably only last a year or two.

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For most players, yes. Some marquee players could get contracts a bit longer. However, the overall effect on NFL players would not be good.

More on the Browns and how they handled this.

The Browns Should Have Had a Better Plan Behind Deshaun Watson

Edit: For some comedy:

However, no menion of Kaepernick yet. Maybe he can write the Browns and ask to be on their practice squad.

Edit two: I spoke too soon.

Yes 1-2 year contracts isn’t a bad move. Isn’t the average tenure 3.5 years?

How often do Heisman Trophy winners fizzle out?