Clark Howard

I was listening to Clark Howard when I was in my car this afternoon and he was giving advice on financial security. While I agreed with many of his suggestions, one of them surprised me. It was that people should never stay in a job that they don’t like.

The reason why it surprised me is that there is some risk whenever you leave a job to start a new one. My husband and I are somewhat unique because we are retired senior citizens who never received a penny of unemployment insurance in our lives because neither of us were ever laid off from a job. However, both of us have changed jobs several times knowing that we were taking a risk every time we did.

I took two very big risks. I was a tenured New York City School Teacher who decided to leave teaching to enter the business world. Then after receiving a number of promotions in the corporate world I decided to start my own business. Although both situations worked out well for me I had no guarantees that they would.

Short term, it’s always good to plan ahead and not act rashly. But our jobs take up a lot of our lives. I don’t recommend staying long at one that sucks away your soul.

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