Clark Howard Down Again


And I don’t think we’ve had an outage once for 15 a month

I noticed the outage this a.m. and it is still out. But, it’s Friday and they seem to have a lot of Friday problems.

We must have better servers!

This is more a Monday issue for Clark’s IT team.

Four days and counting.

This reminds me of the Sears threads where we wonder if this time is finally the end.

In light of the fact that Clark Howard ended his radio show, I wonder if they feel it is not worth keeping the forum.

I previously post on CH that the forum would end before March 2021.

It has been VERY slow traffic on the CH boards. I agree that the whole thing will be shut down soon. I don’t know how many just get on to read threads and not post…but posts just aren’t there for them to justify keeping it.


I am kind of an outsider here. Not really into Politics like some people are here. Couple of weeks ago,I posted a Video from YouTube entitled "Bear sits next to a guy’. Nothing really special. As of last Thursday, it had about 105 views.

If I had posted it here, would have gotten in the single digits in the amount of views.

The Clark Howard boards have quite a few people who look at the Posts but have not signed on to become a member.

Kind of stagnent over here. Need some new blood in the Last Forum. I know that I will be crapped on for saying this.

Invite away. Anyone is welcome.

They could shut most of it down with little effect, but the Clark Stinks board is part of the entertainment.

I actually agree with you, would be nice to get a few more people posting.

+2. Bring over RobertPRI, but he said he was uninterested.

I think CH made a mistake when they shut down the political forum because they reduced their click volume which sells advertising.

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[quote=“Payless, post:12, topic:9817”]
Kind of stagnent over here. Need some new blood in the Last Forum.[/quote]

Clark’s boards had a built-in source of new users in the form of his other content. This forum has none. I can’t see this forum ever amounting to anything more than a few former CH board regulars who get together and chat. Nothing wrong with that, but without new users it will never be as interesting as the CH boards were in the past (5-15 years ago).

There are thing we can do to draw new users. The question is who wants to put out the effort?

@BridgeMaven said her friends are reluctant to criticize Biden in public. Maybe she could suggest they come over here to vent. :smiley: