Citi Double Cash "Thank You Points"

Does this make sense to anybody?
Seems they are adding rebate options like Gift Cards etc.

When all most folks want is…

"Show me the Money"

I guess there is a Benefit to Citi… but hardly to the Customer.

I was just going to post this as I saw the email this morning. As long as this does not make it more difficult to get cash back then I am OK with it. I don’t know anything about the Thank You points system or how it works.

I think it is a yawner. Bank wants you to feel better about your little kickback.

Clark Howard discusses the Citi Double Cash credit card in the first 7 minutes of yesterday’s podcast.

Seeing as how the Citi Double Cash Rewards Card is a Mastercard, this makes me wonder how much attention Clark is paying to things.

I have the fidelity 2% investment card. Each month they add 2% to my savings account for me to invest or spend. I just checked it and “You’ve earned $2,351.08 over the last 12 months.” That means in the last 12 months I have put $117,554 in charges on that card. Damn that is a lot of money spent. We had our normal spending then we had some heavy spending on home improvements, tools, & pets plus huge inflation on all the dollars spent.

Yes our spending went from $55,000 last year to $6,500 per month this year. Thankfully we met $7,500 but that’s up from $5,000 last year - mostly tax credits but also stipends too

Our effective tax rate fell from 31% to 11.5% including FICA

I thought the news (mailing) was a yawner too. I think Citi trying to drum up attention, also a lot of competition on reward cards now.

On changing from $ to points, I just worry if they’ll start changing what a “point” is worth. Just like how the airlines constantly devalue the value of the miles in their programs. In the mean time I’m happy with the Citi DC card.

There is one point about the Citi Double Cash Rewards card rewards redemption that was discussed on the CHB. If you redeem your rewards as a statement credit, you will not receive a 1% reward on that amount even though you are using those rewards to pay the bill. In my opinion, this is dishonest, even if the terms are included in the fine print. Citi markets that card as receiving 1% when you make the purchase and 1% when you pay the bill, period.