Christmas Songs Can be Fun

Time to take a break from the hard job of posting and watch/listen to some Christmas entertainment.

Let’s start with Da Yoopers (music starts at about 0:50 if you don’t want to watch the video):

Before inflation:

Sometimes, the original is the best. From the best Catwoman:

It’s not Christmas without Weird Al:

Got to hear this at least once

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Thanks for reminding me of that one.

This one unexpectedly popped up on a CD today. One of my dad’s favorites.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Amy Speace lately.

And Amanda Shires.

More relevant in 1986 when it was released, during the Cold War, but hey here we are skirmishing with Russia again…

I gratefully never lived through this nuke panic, but curious if some of you remember the instructional duck-and-cover videos that are shown in this.

**Looks like YouTube is starting to block embeddings for copyrighted material. It will play on YouTube app.

Yep, I did all the drills in the 50s when we were told that hiding under our desk would protect us. That didn’t last a long time, as even 8-9 year olds could easily learn what an atomic or nuclear bomb could do. It was a worry that seemed very real for a decade or so, especially after the Cuban missile crisis.

I saw Kip Addotta perform this. Wonder how much air play it would get today.

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