This Geezer needs your help… A change of pace from Politics.

The only thing I order where I specify the ingredients is a sub.
I do not do Starbucks nor do I tell McDonalds how to make a Big Mac.
I like Mexican food but stay with Tacos Burritos and Chalupas.

So Chipotle wants to throw me a curve… nothing is simple.
So I am going to Chipotle for lunch tomorrow.

What do you order and what do you add on… please be specific.

My kid loves Chipotle, I prefer Mom and Pop Taco joints. Chipotle has tacos I’d suggest the steak or carnitas, it’s kind of like subway where you pick soft or hard shell tortillas, the meat and then your toppings. My kid usually gets a burrito bowl with cilantro lime rice, double chicken and then a couple different salsas. It’s fresh tasting but not as good as a real taco joints.

I’ve only eaten there a couple of times. All I can say is - it helps if you like rice.

Ya, I am not a big fan, my family loves it though.
I usually get a steak quesadilla when they insist we have it.

Bears, did you ever eat at Julio’s Mexican restaurant in Chicago. The quality of their meat is so good.

Uncle Julio’s?

Bears54 - Yes

Can you add to the Steak Quesada?
Thinking of Sour Cream and Lettuce… any other suggestions?

Corn salsa

Get a taco and ask for a tortilla

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