Chiefs/Bengals fans

Being a non Chiefs fan in KC (although I appreciate the team, and like when they win), I thought that Chiefs fans were the worst in the NFL complaining about the refs.
But Bengals fans are giving them a run for their money this morning.!!

I only saw the last couple of minutes of the game, so I can’t speak for all of the officiating, but I do not understand at all the complaints about the late hit call. That gets called 100 times out of 100, not even close.

There was a weird “no play” when KC had the ball, but it didn’t matter in the outcome.
Some are also complaining about the intentional grounding called on Burrow, but it was a no brainer.

That was confusing.

That was a good game to watch. The game between the Eagles and 49er’s was a real clunker.

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Only reason I cared about that game was for the Eagle to cover.

I saw a second video. Apparently they started the game clock and play clock at the sme time and they shouldn’t have. A ref from the back sideline ran up, waving his arms and blowing his whistle but it was hard to here. But that ref was stopping the play before it started. That’s why they got a “do over”.

I did hear on sports talk that the result of the do over was a punt from the same spot on the field, so it did not impact the game. There were calls against both teams and someone said only one of those penalties on the Bengals resulted in points…the late shove on Mahomes. He was clearly out of bounds and was accelerated by that push. The guy that pushed him got injured, and it looked like Mahomes was limping back from that. Good thing the game ended.

Let the Bengals fans and players bitch about the officiating…perhaps they won’t be so quick to want to rename an opponents stadium. I don’t think the Bengals were expecting their golden boy to get sacked 4 times and throw a couple of interceptions. But none of that had any impact on the result of the game…it was the damned refs. :roll_eyes:

But parrot…you do have to admit that the city looks kind of cool lit up in red.

5, plus an intentional grounding call

People are more friendly after a Chiefs win too.