Cheating everywhere

Football, baseball, chess, poker, fishing. Now cornhole has cheating.

And, I learned there’s such a thing as professional cornhole playing.

The most shocking part of the story is the pictures with a crowd of spectators. Who woulda thunk it?

It’s on the Ocho, ESPN 8.

Cornhole is fun for 20 minutes while drinking beer and waiting for the burgers to be ready at your neighbors BBQ. Other that that it’s pretty boring IMO, although a few local bars have Cornhole leagues. I miss Jarts.


Lawn darts were fun! My brother and I took it to the extreme. One person in the front yard and one in the back yard. Hurl the dart over the house and hope you don’t kill your brother while you try and get in the loop.


Two things.

  1. Everybody stated this was not intentional.
  2. Easy fix, check bags at the beginning of each tournament.

How hard is it to set up a few scales and templates?

It sounds like other than the 6-in by 6 inch size of the bag and weighing about 1 lb there weren’t many rules. IMO not really cheating.

My BIL is a handyman and tinkerer. He made his own cornhole boards.

Nice, I’ve seen sets cost up to $500.

I agree and wish that I would have kept my Jarts. The real fun were the water rockets. You pumped water into the rocket until the pressure was very high and let it go. You would get sprayed with the expelled water but, if done right, that rocket would disappear from sight until it came down. It was great fun on the farm, until a 400 lb hog stepped on one rocket.

There is air hockey as well. My sales rep plays

We all had those in Florida…it was kind of cool…growing up in the 60’s at watching the rockets go up from the Cape (we were only 40 miles away), then fill our rockets…pump it as high as it could go and fire away. Later on we moved to the country and I got into Estes model rockets. Those things were fun, but most of the time the winds would blow the parachute over into a field next door. Spent a lot of time looking for the thigs.

We make homeade water rockets for our younger Boy Scouts.

When I was in the Scouts we made homemade water bongs. Things were different back then. :grin:

Growing up in the 60’s, also was into building and shooting rockets from Estes. There also was another company called Centauri.

Surprised to learn that Estes is still in business. In fact about a year ago, ordered a catalog from them.

Air hockey is another “sport” that’s fun for about 20 minutes then gets boring IMO, but I’ll shoot pool or throw darts for hours.

Back in Mass used to belong to a Dart team that would travel to other Bars in the area.

Matches were on a Tuesday night, helped bring in a little business on a typically slow night.

Did you play better or worse after a few beers?

When I played darts I had a 2-3 beer peak.
Less than that and I was tight, more than that and I was too buzzed to really play well.

Cornhole was one of the first, if not THE first, sports to start playing again during Covid. I remember the wife and I were so starved for sports we would tape Korean Baseball games in the middle of the night and watch the Cornhole tournaments.

The trouble was that I worked the 11pm to 7am shift. So after the dart match would have to go to work.

Thus I would only drink about 2 to 3 beers. Was a mediocre player at best. If I had a few more beers could have been a better player.[helps calm the nerves]

Also had a dart board at home. If you want to get really good, need to spend hours and hours of practice.