Cheaper to settle

Park National Bank settles with the DOJ.

My guess is that the bank locations were decided upon using a formula and financial analysis.
But another financial analysis probably showed that it was cheaper to just pay the DOJ and build a money losing bank rather than fight the Feds.

Why should the government tell a business where they have to open locations? You would think black owned banks would open branches in those neighborhoods and make a ton of money.

Most likely they put them in affluent areas.

Go to a poor part of town and you rarely see many banks

If they were truly “redlining” due to race, I could see.
But there really hasn’t been any of that in decades.

Also they don’t want branches in high crime areas to protect their employees.

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Winner!!! A grocery store chain tried to go back to a historically rough area to help with the food desert. They spent a ton of money redoing a building. They closed within 9 months after their 3rd armed robbery. The risk to the employee is just too great. If you are a company with deep pockets, your going to get sued and likely lose.