Cell Phones... Are they all they can be

I am not a member of the Apple World so…

Black Friday, (16 Months ago) I got a deal on the Samsung S20.
At the time the S21 was the the latest. I like my S20… works great for me.
Now we have the S23

Am I missing Something? Is there a reason to ?Upgrade?

Have Phones become all they can be.

Is there a feature that would make you ?upgrade?
How long is my S20 likely to last?

I am only a member because my family basically forced me to buy an I-phone.
Before I was a big fan of the MOTO’s.
About 80% or more of the capability at less than a third of the price.

Having had to support smartphones as part of a corporate network, I do have to say that the iPhones were easier to work with. My iPhone is great at everything except being a phone.

Reminds me of Seinfeld… Isn’t that the point of a Phone?

stay with the S20

like my I-phone and will get another in the future

The only time we (my family) upgrade our phones is when we have to, usually around 4 years.

I have an iPhone 11 that is about 4 years old. I originally leased it with Sprint but bought it out at the end of the lease and kept it. It is starting to have it’s issues…voice to text just quit working, and I think each OS upgrade just makes it a bit slower. For the years I was in IT, hardware got faster every year, which led to sloppy programming…use the hardware to cover for the slop in the software. Eventually people will upgrade. I think they still do that with smartphones.

I have the IPhone 6s plus. I think they’re up to 13 or 14 now. I haven’t upgraded nor will I until this one stops working.


I get 2 years free finance of discounted cost based on when hey have trade in sales and then I have 2 years of no payments

I have the S10. I have had it nearly 4 years. I have no need to upgrade until it quits working or gets broken.

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