Since almost no one has a CD player anymore, why do so many organizations give you a CD with music as a gift for making a donation.

I haven’t seen that in years. You’re patronizing businesses that are out of touch.

Because they have a ton of them to get rid of

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@mcarley - Ironically one organization that does this is the public TV station when it has a fund raiser for its educational TV shows :blush:

They tend to be behind the times. They probably also cater to an older audience that could still be using CDs.

I’d suspect this is tha answer

CD provides a nice place for an autograph. So when we went to hear TG Sheppard a few weeks ago, we hadda have his “new” album (from a couple of years ago) to get that autograph. Of course first thing I did was rip the tracks and put on my media server.

There are still some usages too. BIL on Kodiak built a new windoze 7 system a while back and I tried to help him nuke it. It’s good fun erasing windoze :slight_smile:
Anyway his system is so old the bios will not boot a USB stick, so I am stuck with burning optical media and mailing to him. Couple of DVD and one CD just in case he has trouble with DVD.

I was at a record store a couple weeks ago, they also sold cassettes and CD’s. I asked the clerk how much they pay for CD’s and he said nothing, they don’t want them.