Careful about Win 10 Updates!

Careful about Win 10 Updates!!

So I scheduled what I thought was a Win10 Update for 3AM Sunday Morning.

It took several reboots to get it going and then it looked strange.
Where is my Windows Logo in the left of the Taskbar.
Why is the left half of the Taskbar almost Blank?
I searched Google but all I got was Missing Taskbar… not STRANGE incomplete Taskbar. Why was the Win Logo removed from a mostly blank Taskbar?

Why was I getting these News items when all i wanted was a list of Programs… which I had to search for? Where is the REStart? I do not want news from Microsoft!

Then it dawned on me… was I given Win 11 instead of a Win 10 update. YES!!! BTW, No “Welcome to Win 11 Screen” “Would you like a tour of Win 11?”… it was up to me to figure out why I was not in Kansas anymore!

This was a horrible introduction to Win 11… No Explanation… No Familiarization. Take me back to West Virginia where I belong! … and I did the Recovery.

How do you prepare for win 11?.. and Microsoft asked why I was going back. My reply was not listed?

I regularly look at the settings>update and security to see what is being planned for install. I saw the planned update to 11 and said no. I started doing that with Windows 7 until I could see the experience with the update that others had and simply skipped those. Can’t always do that with 10.

Here is one suggestion from a familiar site.

If you haven’t updated to 11 yet… I used the registry edit method.

Still sticking with Windows 7, even though it is not supported anymore.

When not supported anymore, you may have more problems with viruses and such.

I’ve been using Linux exclusively for about 7 years. They have never pushed an OS upgrade on me. Right now there is new version that I haven’t loaded yet. I have to manually tell it to upgrade to a new version. I remember when I was working that a windows update would blow up features that have been working fine. I found the udate that caused it, and was able back it out, but it would get replaced again with the next update.

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