Can't say I have a problem with this

No matter how much you love Tesla, she is spot on with this statement:

Tesla "has clearly misled numerous people to misuse and abuse technology."

I know that they have stickers and placards that say “pay attention while driving”, but naming something “Autopilot” CAN mislead those who never open the owners manual of their car.

Except they give you training when you but the car and you sign a document talking about the feature.

I don’t remember such a document or training, but I didn’t buy that feature. Overrated, regardless of what they call it.

You didn’t get white glove handoff?

Not sure what that means, but I got about 5 minutes and half of it was signing docs. They told me it would take a while for my phone to connect with the car. They didn’t show that much.

NM is one of the 14-15 states that do not allow factory owned auto dealerships. So, Tesla recently opened a showroom and service center on the Nambe Pueblo just north of Santa Fe. The state has essentially no authority on tribal land and Tesla took advantage of that.

They gave me a bunch of training before I purchase. They do more after purchase but because of Covid, I didn’t get it.

Mine was in March, just as Covid was starting to ease. Although, where I live, we may be in the worst phase right now, or close to it. The state has the lowest rate in the country, but my area has 3X the test positivity rate of the state as a whole.

I received my car On the day we locked down.

I wonder how many people are like one of the guys in my bike group - he bought a used Tesla. From an individual. I’m not sure if they did any training or not.

You may not know, but I have heard that the Tesla is supposed to be like a phone, set back to factory settings when resold, all upgrades deleted.

Wonder if he watched the videos.

I get you’re scared of Tesla’s but it doesn’t change they’re much safer than the average car.

Autopilot reduces accidents by 30%

And they signed a form saying that they wouldn’t use autopilot around town, then get home and set up a work around to it so that they can have one of them self driving cars.

And you can do that with a bmw. Honda. Etc.

You’re arguing from ignorance thinking only Tesla does this.

Tesla is just more safe than the others.

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