Cable TV Boxes

I just got a letter from my cable company informing me that the Scientific Atlanta Cable box I have for one of my TV sets will no longer work with their cable service in 2024 so they are shipping me a new cable box to replace it.

Instead of doing this myself, do I have the right to call my cable company when I receive it to make an appointment for one of their technicians to come to my house and replace it for me.

Yes but it may be best to go down to a physical location or text via their website depending on their hold times

Is it really that hard to do yourself?

better yet dump cable and go to streaming. You are probably paying around $200 if your have multiple boxes. I dumped them years ago and won’t go back


I’ve had YouTube TV for over a year and have been happy with it. Around $72 a month.

I do also but split it with a friend and only pay $36 I also get free Disney+ and free Max one from verizon cell phone and one from ATT internet

I believe it’s a coaxial cable that goes from the cable box to the TV

But we have Hulu basic and all the YouTube

Have Dish Network. I connect an HDMI cable from the Receiver to the TV.

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These are the cables between the TV in my family room and the cable box for it that needs to be replaced. The cable company set it up like this several years ago when I bought this TV

BM, looks as if you have an older TV. Starting with the 5 cables. The red and white cables are for the audio and they connect the cable box to the TV.

The red, blue and green cables are for the video. They are called component cables and are used to connect the TV to the cable box.

You should be able to eliminate all of these cables with just 1 cable. It is an HDMI cable. It looks like this. This cable carries both sound and video.

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you have hdmi port at the back of the tv You could get a fire stick and replace cable Philo has this channel and 70 more for 25 a month

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No, it should be a HDMI cable. You would have a Co-Ax from the wall to the cable box.

To the person (above) who has all the RCA cables on the cable box, that’s 25 year old tech! Just one HDMI cable please! You’ll probably be amazed how good your picture will look!


Go to either a Walmart or a Best Buy and get yourself a 3 or 6 foot HDMI cable. Can even be bought online at Amazon for instance.

When you receive the new cable box, disconnect all the wires and plug the HDMI cable into the back of the TV set[location is shown here] and the other end to the cable box.

If you have trouble getting it to work, call up your cable company. Depending on what customer service you get, they may walk you thru the Connection process.

HDMI connection on your TV

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I wish I lived up there, I would just come over and do it for you.


Yeah it should be real simple for anyone with a little tech savvy. No need to call for cable tech to come do it.

I still find it hard to believe how my sister chose her internet service, for the one that would come and wire it up for her. Gimme a break she has decades of experience in amateur radio and cannot wire up her own coax and maybe ethernet cable?

Thanks for all the helpful responses. I received the new cable tv box that optimum sent yesterday and called Optimum to schedule a technician to replace it. They sent someone this morning. So now there is only the one HDMI connection between the TV and cable box.


Great, hopefully it was free? On a side note, throw out all of those other cables into the trash.

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Are you crazy? I have several drawers and large boxes of cables, connectors and adapters I’ve been saving for decades that I might need some day.


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I’ll bet your picture quality improved greatly!

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let me know when you want to save money on the tv portion