We keep hearing about In-n-Out Burgers.
They are as rare here as Coors Beer once was.

Anyway, I was out today and looking for something different.
Found something called “Cook Out Restaurant”.
It is only in North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Mississippi.

They have Burgers that taste like they were done on a grill. Extensive Menu including Hot Dogs and Chicken.

I had the Double Burger, 2 sides, and Drink for $6.
Now that I know where it is, I’ll be back.

Anyone tried “Cook Out”?

Sounds like backyard burgers. They were decent.

Just my opinion, but In’N’Out’s reputation is based mostly on a cult following. Their burgers are not bad, but they are nowhere as special as one would expect based on how great people say they are. I will take the burgers and fries at the mom and pop shop just down the street from us over In’N’Out any day.

I will agree. Not been to an In n Out in CA, but went twice to one in Kingman AZ. We though the burgers were good, but not any better than other places. The place was packed each time.

I think the burger is “good”. Not amazing.

The fries are gross.

I agree, but there are people who swear by their fries too.

That is how I feel about 5 guys

I had In and Out in Vegas. It was nothing special. The best burgers I’ve ever had were in Dallas. One was Kellers drive in. The other was Club Schmitz near Love Field. Both were awesome. Club Schmitz is gone, but Kellers is still going strong over 50 years later

I will be curious to try the Whataburger that is coming to KC. They were great when I lived in Texas.

I actually think 5 Guys is the best fast food burger around and it crushes In N Out. But I will say I go to In N Out when I’m in Vegas, bit of a tradition.

I think the best fast food now is Portillos, though I hope they don’t go nationwide. Looks like I’ll be spending more time in Phoenix on the way to hike and mountain bike the northern part of Arizona. I’ll do my best to hit Portillos as I leave the airport and go back. Now Portillos is a special treat when I go to Chicago, AZ, and central Florida. If they were everywhere it wouldn’t be that special.

When we moved west we contemplated moving to Flagstaff. We decided against it because they have serious winter (being at 7,000 feet helps). We once stayed in a cabin there. I talked a bit with the owner of the cabins, also from Michigan, and asked him about the winters. He said that they were about like winters in Michigan. Except, he was from Iron Mountain in the UP between the top of Lake Michigan and bottom of Lake Superior.

Northern AZ is in the running for a retirement destination, would need to learn a lot more about the area.

Flagstaff averages about 100 inches of snow per year. Since they’re used to it, they do handle it well. We’ve negotiated some nasty weather along I-40 a few times. Maybe you can take up skiing.

[quote=“jimtoo, post:12, topic:32713, full:true”] Maybe you can take up skiing.

Already there. Main thing for me is I don’t want a long winter, I can handle about 5 or 6 months.

A few in our bike group spend the winter in Tucson. Apparently it’s very bike friendly there.

Resurrecting this thread with this article:

My problem with 5 Guys are the rolls.
Just a few condiments and the roll falls apart and you need to eat it with a fork.

Is Kystals any good?

Think of Krystals as White Castle…it’s not bad at midnight on the way home from a night of drinking but otherwise there are better options.

This next burger isn’t relevant to the thread but I had a top-5 burger last night at a brewpub in La Grange. It was a bacon burger but not in the typical format, made with a blend of Wagyu beef and pork belly, fries were wedges fried in duck fat. Girlfriend had a grilled cheese filled with mac and cheese and smoked pork, that may have been better than the burger. Suffice to say I’ll be finding reasons to drive to La Grange.

Five Guys probably has a better burger but costs almost twice as much as In N’ Out, in I’m paying over 12 bucks for a burger, fries and a drink I might as well go to a local bar for a burger and a beer.

The burger and fries won’t be as good as 5 Guys and the beer will be Old Style at your price.