Budweiser parody, funny

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Stallion that identifies as a mare.

That was funny. What was the meaning of the word Gillet at the end? I didn’t get that part.

Reference to this stupid commercial

Damn, I almost forgot about that idiocy.

I never forget stupidity

I liked this comment from the comment section.

Gillette, if you believe so strongly in fighting the patriarchy, why do you still charge more for women’s razors than men’s?

They don’t.

Why would a woman pay more for a razor? If it’s the exact same razor as the men’s they should just buy the men’s.

I’ll have too check it out next time I’m in the store. I know everything else for women is more expensive, that’s why I bought men’s sweatpants, they look the same and were cheaper than those labeled woman’s.

I just did a search of Wal Marts website.

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