You must feel a little good about your Broncos.
They beat the Chiefs and just went to Buffalo and beat the Bills (thanks to the Bills not being able to count to 11).
After that debacle against the Dolphins I really gave them no chance to do anything.
I give Payton a lot of credit for not letting the team fall apart.


3 in a row.

Payton is calling plays very conservative. I think he doesn’t trust Russ yet.

Just a couple of weeks ago, they were talking fire sale. Now, they’re talking playoffs. Prime time again next week.

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I’m starting to believe. Cautiously

I was a fan last night around 11pm…Go Broncs!

As a Bills fan this game was disgusting. We had such high hopes of finally avenging those infamous 4 SB losses this season. Looks like we’ll have to wait “till next year”! Again.

Could be worse. As a Pats fan, their Glory days are over. Going to take multiple years before they are able to rise to the top again.

As a dolphins fan, i find it frustrating that we cant beat a good team. In recent history, Dolphins would get the occassional win aginst great teams but then couldn’t beat the Browns. Now were beating the weak sisters and either getting blown out or cant quite win against the great teams.

Keeping Russ on a warmer instead of letting Russ cook!

I also see Vance Joseph as a premiere D Coordinator but probably not a head coach again.

Fans were calling for him to be fired just a few weeks ago.

To be fair, after that Dolphins ass whuppin, I really can’t blame them.

Welcome to what the rest of the NFL felt for decades.

I took a shot at a couple Chiefs fans, asking how much THEY scored on the Broncos. Then the Chiefs beat my Dolphins and that quieted me down a bit.

They REALLY quieted Tyreek Hill.

I will record the Monday night game on a DVR and will watch the game next morning. Sometimes I will know the final score and other times I won’t when watching the game on Tuesday morning.

Been doing this for a while. Able to watch a whole game in 40 to 50 minutes by zipping thru commercials and the time between plays.

At the time ,did not know what you meant by saying “11”.

Four in a row after the 1-5 start.

Last three games, 12 turnovers.

They won 21-20 on a TD, after trailing the entire game!

If they make the playoffs, Sean Payton should be coach of the year.

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They still have an uphill battle, but the schedule gets easier from here.