Brave browser

That’s the browser known as Brave.

Anyone used this? It is an open source browser built on Google’s open source Chrome browser, but with some huge key differences:

*Spyware blockers
*Anti-tracking technology

Basically the fundamental antithesis of Google’s business model, yet otherwise using Google’s brilliantly designed web browsing tool.

There are also built-in crypto donation widgets for social media personalities. The crypto is generated from Brave’s own network of ads, which you can allow to run or not.

I have used it for over a month. It has been just as fast as Chrome, works just as well for every site that I use. I also detest Google’s shitty political bias & the vast game of Techno-Monopoly it is playing, along with others such as Facebook.

I am reminded to mention it because Clark Howard mentioned it on the show today & was similarly satisfied.

I’ve been using it off and on for a couple of years. Since about the beginning of this year, I use it almost exclusively.

I’ve used DuckDuckGo and Opera

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