Boycott over name

If only Fauci and masks were around back then.

Was crazy is the accounts of the time. To them the world was ending.

Central Michigan University teams were called the Chippewas (Chips for short). The Chippewa are a tribe across mid and northern Michigan and parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Several years ago there was faux outrage about the name, and CMU did the unthinkable. They went and spoke with the leaders of the tribe. The tribe told CMU that they were not offended by use of the name Chippewas and, in fact, they were proud of the teams’ name. The word on campus was that the tribe also said play like the warriors represented by the name. CMU is still the Chippewas.

The Boy Scouts use a lot of Native imagery and pageantry.
The camp that my son works at has an honor society ( as an adult, I became an honorary member)that borrows a lot from tribes.
The KC Star hired a couple of outside “journalists” to publish a couple of hit pieces on it a couple of years ago when the “outrage culture” was in full swing. The editors won’t put their own names on it because of the influence the group has in the KC area (Cerner execs are big donors among other community leaders).
What the dipshits failed to mention (or probably even research) is that the group is in constant communication with the tribe that it is founded upon and there is an open invitation (which is often used) for the leaders of the tribe to come witness the ceremonies.