Booster Shots

How many booster shots for Covid does a person need. I had my second booster shot in April (total of 4 Covid shots) but since this was five months ago do I need another one?

My doc said the protection starts to wane after about 4 months. Plus, the new boosters are targeted to the most common current version of the virus rather than the original. So, I’d go ahead and get it.

I had my 4th in late May and then got a mild case of Covid in June. So, I’m waiting a bit, but I’ll probably get it in October or November.


As a shareholder of Pfizer, I recommend you have your 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and even 10th booster shot.

That’s right! Follow the Doctor’s recommendation. He is a good doctor!

Seriously, when playing Russian Roulette how many times should you pull the trigger? 5 squeezes did nothing. Surely number 6 will be OK!

If you want to get and spread more covid, keep getting jabbed! If you want the risk of death and blood clots and a whole host of other side effects including DEATH, keep it up! Wife’s niece was 36 and had NO health issues. DRT in her sleep. Of course Okie medical examiner has no clue.