Boomer moment/comedy of errors

So, I have had HULU for about 2 years and was paying for it third party through my Sprint cell phone bill.
I changed my Sprint plan slightly and in doing so removed HULU from my Sprint account.
I received an email from HULU stating my account was being cancelled, didn’t read it, thought it was junk (didn’t even realize I opened it til I was on the phone with HULU).
When I couldn’t watch TV last night I tried to reauthorize my account on my phone, ended up setting it up through I Tunes as a third party pay (which I hate), so then cancelled it.
Tried to reauthorize my account this morning with HULU but since the account I opened yesterday had a 7 day free trial it was still technically active and I can’t cancel and reactivate until the 14th, which means I have no live TV (sports) for a week.
On the bright side, both Sprint and Hulu customer service were awesome, just unable to help me (Apple customer service sucks).