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Does anyone else like to reread the beginning of a good book after they finished reading it to get a different perspective?

I rarely re-read books. I’ve been planning to re-read Everything Matters by Ron Currie soon. I think I’ve read Grapes of Wrath more than once, a couple of others.

I re-read books all the time.
I am getting ready to restart the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series.

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I’ll give away the ending just to fuck with you: 42

I prefer non fiction. I just read one that was entertaining, easy to read, and actually did a lot to change my view of some things. It’s called “Israel- A Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth” by Noa Tishby. She gave a very readable and pretty unbiased view about the history of Israel. It’s one of those books that did make me realize a lot that I didn’t know. Some of it is her memories of growing up there and tied in with the history of her family in the region. It’s a very good read.

That may be one of the funniest things on here!!

KC - I also read a lot of non fiction books. One thing I love to do is read a historical novel and then subsequently read a non fiction book about the historical topic it was based on. For example, Sarah’s key was about the Vel d’hiv roundup of Jews in France and After The Roundup was a true story about a real person who did what the fictional character Sarah did. It is interesting to see how accurate the historical portions of many historical novels are

I do that all the time too.

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Thanks for all the fish.

I will often watch a historical movie or one based on real events, then go to a history vs. Hollywood page to see which parts were true and which fictionalized.

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After this exchange, this appeared in my FB timeline.

I just finished reading the Warsaw Orphan by Kelly Rimmer, which is a historical novel, and highly recommend it.

Added to (ever increasing) wishlist.

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If you are interested in well researched non-fiction books that read like good fiction, my top 3 authors are Simon Winchester, Erik Larson and Hampton Sides. I’ve read a couple by Mark Kurlansky and he might be there also. I generally don’t reread the entire books, but often go back because I think I remember something but better check.

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I have one of Erik Larson at home, haven’t gotten to it yet.

I just checked. I have 5 on the shelf that I have read and one, In the Garden of Beasts, waiting to be read.

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