Boneheaded guaranteed contracts for coaches - Jimbo Fisher is the latest example

Another thread talked about guaranteed contracts for NFL players. For a comparison, how about long-term guaranteed contracts for NCAA football coaches. Here is the second such one to bit the school in the rear-end:

According to the article, Fisher has eight years on his contract with a buy-out of $75 million.

That after this other bone-headed contract:

Tucker’s contract was for ten years at $95 million total. He has a buyout comparable to Fishers, but the university is hoping they can get out of paying it. If they do, they will have gotten a mulligan, since Tucker had done nothing to merit that contract.

But listen to all the bitching about NIL.

Here is a decent column on Fisher’s contract and how it affected how he ran the program.

Texas A&M football will pay any price, but winning can’t be bought