Bone conducting earphones

I have an issue with earphones, no matter how much I clean my ears, my earphones get ear wax and only last about a year. No matter how high quality I buy, the problem is the same.
I am looking at bone conducting earphones as an alternative, I own the Bose sunglasses (which uses that technology) and love them, but they aren’t good for inside or if I am exercising later in the day.

From what I can tell Shokz seems to be the go to brand, but wondering if anyone has used them.

here’s what you do, get this type bulb and some hydrogen peroxide, stand over bathroom sink fill a cup with warm water, fill bulb with the water, do one ear at a time, tilt head so one ear points up, pour some hydrogen peroxide in the ear and listen to the bubbling, when it gets close to drum tilt ear over the sink and rinse by squeezing the water from the bulb into your ear, repeat water until all wax is gone, repeat with other ear. do this monthly and you will be fine

I have shokz run pro and love em, obviously great for working out. Not good on airplnes or places with a lot of noise. Girlfriend think sound quality is crap, but i didnt buy them for that.

Thanks, I think I will look into them

I tried them…the technology works surprisingly well but the sound was a little muffled for my taste when listening to music. For podcasts I think it was acceptable.

just try the method I gave you to clean your ears. you have waxy ear wax I do too and this is what works

Oh, I will probably do that too.

let me know how it works.

Have your wife help.

It’s better to have someone else help since they inspect easier and irrigate easier.

The issue could be cleaning your ears with a q-tip. That stimulates wax growth in some people

The Woot gods were looking down on me today.
Shokz are on sale for $55.
I bought a pair. If I don’t like them I am not out much.
Thanks @BMWMTBer

Be careful with Woot and ensure you are not getting a refurbished item. It is a clearing house for Amazon…

I have been using Woot for decades, pre Amazon buy out.
They are open about if an item is new or refurbished.
This is new in box, I would not buy refurbished headphones.

Well, did my first ear cleaning yesterday, the only issue is holding my head sideways for 5 minutes each ear.
I also took my sons advice and cleaned my air pods with rubbing alcohol and it seems to have worked.

Lay on the couch

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