Bob Knight

Old School as they come.

I don’t believe he would be able to coach in todays world.

He shouldn’t have coached in the old one.

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Top 5 coach of all time.
Vast majority of anybody that played for him would have crawled through glass for him.

The same could have been said about Woody Hayes, with whom Knight was often compared to. Many speculated whether Knight would have his “Woody Hayes moment,” which, of course, he eventually did.

Knight could act like a five year-old in a grown man’s body. The article in the link you gave went light on his behavior. Here is an article that gives a more complete picture:

And another:

The closing of the article says it all:

In the 25th-anniversary edition of “A Season on the Brink,” John Feinstein wrote: “His good qualities are so good. His bad qualities are so bad. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me a story about encountering Knight and finding him gracious and charming and funny, I would never have to work another day in my life. If I also had a dollar for every time I’ve been told a story about Knight being a bully or being rude and obnoxious, I’d be Bill Gates.”

He added, more succinctly, “There just isn’t anyone like Knight — for better and worse.”

A rather large portion transferred out rather than put up with his tantrums. And that’s when transferring wasn’t easy.

I do not follow basketball, either college or pro, at all. BUT…if this was a word association game and I heard “Bobby Knight”, the first thing to pop in my mind would be “threw a chair”.

This article alone shows what a petty ass Knight could be.

That is sad.
If I remember right wasn’t part of the end for him at Indiana was when he blew up at a student for not addressing him as “coach” or something?

Read the link I gave earlier. It discusses that incident plus comments Knight made about people at Indiana later.

NYT, paywall

Edit: I used you control P trick and read it.

Knight said that he didn’t curse at the student!!! If anyone believes that I have a bridge to sell you!!

Read the LA Times article. It should work in secert mode. The New York Times article also did for me.

More on what an ass Knight could be:.

The Bob Knight I knew mixed greatness and brilliance with self-sabotage