The board has been up for awhile. What do you think? Any suggestions? Concerns? Blah blah blah

Wintermute - I think you have done a great job! However, since anyone who has internet access could read it, I sometimes delete things because of my privacy concerns. For example at one time I used a photo of myself as a profile photo but then changed for this reason.

My suggestion would be for the forum to show up in an internet search which would include information about it, but a person would have to become a member to be able to read the posts.

That was a question I asked awhile back and the consensus is they wanted it open. I can create a forum though that is private such as the humor forum. Would that interest you?

I created one called members only. See if you can see that logged out.

If the majority of members of this forum want it to be public, then I don’t want to create a problem. I am just a private person, but I realize that not everyone is that way.


Trump, is that you?

I remember CH board member Trump naming herself that because of Bridge. Wouldn’t surprise me if she avoided that name today! :joy:

brobbs - Yes it is. I like this screen name better because it is more specific. With the other screen name people thought it was a noun when I meant it to be a verb :grinning:

This isn’t a democracy. Members only should be private. If you want to do a quick test we can confirm

Would I search by -

Edit: I just tried that link and got an error message. What is the link for the members only board?

It’s a category.

When you start a past, top right is category. Change it to members only.
Post something.


See if you can see it.


You should be able to read it.

Why must a subject line be a minimum of five characters? I’ve run into that twice now with short subject lines.

How many do you want it to be?

I dunno. Two?


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