How do we Block people in this forum?

Ignore them.

You shouldn’t be able to see their messages anymore.


You want to explain how to do it?

I just figured out how to put someone on ignore. Then it was amazingly easy to implement this helpful feature!

The ignore feature for this forum is much better than the one on Clark Howard. That is because even when someone copies and pastes a post from a person on your ignore list, you don’t see it.

I would but I’m pretty sure that I’m the one she blocked.

Drats, I was hoping I’d be the one to get that honor! :innocent:

Well…we don’t know for sure, but I’m pretty sure it’s me as she pretty much hated me on the CH board.

Why do you think it is only one person she wants to block?

Good point. I can see who is blocked, but not who blocked them. Me, Pscott, Beemer, Friday and, ahem, you, have been blocked. One thing we do have in common is that we have disagreed with her. But carley gets a pass…Oh what a wonderful world it is when you only hear what you want to hear.

I wonder if I am in her group of liberal posters she feels are not intelligent.

I don’t know, but I’m starting to think BM is an expert troll, even if it was unintentional. She’s got a bunch of people wondering who it is like Judas Iscariot.

Be careful. You might get blocked too. :wink:

Here is my opinion on the topic. We have a small group of people and if you ignore people you disagree with then you will only be talking to yourself.

I tend to agree, but reserve the right to change my mind if Taz comes over.

I invited. He showed up once and never came back. Figured this would be more his speed.

Wintermute - I don’t ignore posters because I disagree with them. In fact there are a number of people in this forum that I disagree with but enjoy reading their posts because I consider them to be intelligent people whose opinions have merit. The reason why I put a few people on my ignore list has nothing to do with their opinions but everything to do with their demeanor. That is because i consider them to be mean spirited people who are inciteful without adding anything of value to the issue that is being discussed.

I had stopped posting on the Clark Howard Political Board quite a while before it was shut down because of their mean spirited posts, but decided to try this forum when someone told me about it. I like and respect almost every one in this forum, but if I didn’t put the people I consider to be hateful on ignore I would have stopped posting in this forum for the same reason I stopped posting on the Clark Howard Politics Board long before it was shut down.

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And there is the answer to peanut gallery.

Yes…inciteful…when pointing out in her Nazi thread that the TECHNIQUES used by Trump are very similar to the Nazi’s…Instead of pondering, it’s “mean spirited”. I also called memes the non thinking persons form of communication. Very mean spirtied.

I called one of her posts Whackadoodle" and referred to Parrot and asked where he was. Parrot replied that term was appropriate for that comment. BM called me out but not Parrot. I guess mean- spirited is in the eye of the beholder.