Black Sheep of the family

Patrick Mahomes brother Jackson has been a POS in the KC area since Mahomes got here.

Yep. I think Pat should sit down with him and tell him that he can’t bring dates by his house. Kind of sad…“I am not much to write home about but my brother is Patrick Mahomes.”. Pat should tell him to straighten up and get off Tik Tok and do something productive. Hard to believe that one could have such class and the other lacks any.

Pat should talk to him…if he is convicted on aggravated sexual battery, he will be in the sex offender database for a loooong time. Pat should tell him that the ONLY way he’ll pay for the high powered attorneys to get him off is if he closes his Tik Tok account and that he lose his “entourage”.

Maybe, but after seeing Pat Mahomes the first, he should talk to him.
And put the fear of God into him!