Black Monday 2024 -Who gets canned tomorrow?

Ron Rivera is the obvious answer. The most intriguing name is Bill Belichick.

Given all Belichick has done, I’m guessing there will be a “mutual” announcement in coming days.

I agree. His tenure is done. New Englanders don’t have loyalty for past successes. Actually I’m surprised how patient they’ve been

Arthur Smith from the Falcons

I think Biennemy goes to Atlanta.

They can call it whatever they want. If Belichick is not back with the Patriots next year, it will be because Robert Kraft did not want him back, not because Belichick wanted to leave.

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You are the eternal optimist with Bieniemy.

Yes I am.

Surprise! Surprise! Rivera was fired.

Dumbest firing in years.
He didn’t make the asinine personnel decisions and made the most with the players he had.
One of the few coaches that I have seen outsmart Belichick.

I’ll take him for the Falcons

So, should the Broncos replace VJ with Vrabel? Saw a fan suggest that earlier today.

VJ is a good coordinator.
I think Vrabel will get a HC job too.

Shit, that article mentions Vrabel going to the Patriots.
That pisses me off!!

Pete Carroll out!!

Sounds like this may be mutual.

And now the hoodie