Bike week in Florida

Any bets on how bad the media will mischaracterize the Covid threat without any real data?

Its less of a factor now than bike week in SD was last summer.

And Sturgis was a Covid non factor.

SD and ND became a Covid dumpster fire in the late summer and fall but difficult to tie it exclusively to Sturgis.

The comment about both of them being dumpster fires is definitely true, the data supports that. IMO, it is due to the meat packing plants in that area (where I definitely think mask/shield use should be implemented).
But the data out of Sturgis is that no more people who attended were positive than the general population.

What does their positivity rate have to do with it. The whole point is that around 40% of people get little to no symptoms at all so none of us can assume we’re negative. Attending large events is dangerous.

The percent that don’t get symptoms is the same at the bike rally people and the general pop.
The point is, according to the data, the gathering at Sturgis caused zero extra case when compared to the gen pop.