Big 12 Expected to Add Four New Members By End of Next Week

This new line-up just doesn’t seem like it is up to a “Power Five” standard. Rather, I think the Big Twelve will join the Pac-Twelve as a “Power Five” conference that can’t get any of its teams into the NCAA playoffs.

On the positive side, at least the Big Twelve can count now. :laughing:

A lot of talk about this on local sports radio.
Some say this is desperation and not a real power move.
Some say it is the best move they can do and at least they are taking action instead of letting the rest get picked off.

I think both of those statements are correct. I also do not think the Big Twelve will have any basis to call itself a “Power Five Conference” after this. It will be more at par with what the AAC is now.

100% agree.

I wonder if Nebraska is hurt that they weren’t invited to join. :rofl: