Biden cracks me up

"After Biden spoke to each of the children in turn and discussed their Christmas wishes, the father wrapped up the call by saying “I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas as well, Merry Christmas, and then blurted out “Let’s go Brandon!”

“Let’s go Brandon, I agree,” the president said without missing a beat, and added “Hey, by the way, are you in Oregon?”

What a dope. :joy:

Pretty low class move for the dad. If he’s so opposed to Biden he didn’t need to let his kid participate. He took a special moment for his kid and made it all about him.

Stay Classy Dad!

And what happens when the kid turns out to be a Dem 20 years from now?

Every wants their 15 minutes of fame.

How can Biden be that out of touch with current events? Does he stay in a cocoon?

Or, he knew and went along. It’s a kid, not responsible for having a moron for a parent.

Yeah, what’s he gonna do…order a hit on the dad? Of course being 104 years old, he likely didn’t hear the comment or realize it’s vulgar towards him.

I bet he knows. But after the last guy, some people can’t imagine a president taking the high road.

I do not agree with your statement but… given the choice between…
High Road Incompetence and
Low Road Competence

I’ll take the latter every time.

It’s so odd that an older person prefers the low road to the high road, but it kinda explains how crass and grumpy you are Price.

[quote=“BMWMTBer, post:10, topic:34016, full:true”]

Not really, I have been around long enough to know an incompetent fool when I see one.

It would be interesting to see how the ARMY WAR College handles the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In ROTC, we had a course in Military History. It ended to deal with Successes and Failures… sort of learn from the past.

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