Biden administration warns of ‘historically large increase’ in student loan defaults without debt forgiveness

Biden’s a dumbshit.

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Does this mean there should be mortgage forgiveness to prevent foreclosures? It is the same logic!


Excellent point, we should also have tax forgiveness.

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I still don’t get asking blue collar workers to pay for lazy college students. It’s baffling.

This is the Democrats we’re talking about here. Nothing baffles me anymore.

I also don’t get why taxpayers should pay for lazy bums but we have done that for millions of years.

It’s how dems stay in office, keep the lazy and low IQ individuals dependent on the government.

Dependency is a terrible thing, but it does get out the vote.

Student Loan Forgiveness is another classic example of a feel good Liberal policy in which they don’t understand the actual impact. Just like Obamacare…

Don’t worry…voters won’t care because they will have a laser focus on getting Hunter Biden.

Yes the negative rate mortgage. Imagine having a -20% mortgage where you supposedly would have your mortgage forgiven in 5 years. The problem is the currency it is denominated in far outpaces the forgiveness on the loan thus you owe more

Only one problem; the value of debt would probably appreciate in such a deflation scenario

Thinking forgiving debt is a good idea is like thinking it’s a good idea to short stocks

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