Best/worst open coaching jobs

My Titans are considered a worse place to go than the Raiders, Falcons, and Washington.

And I can’t even argue that it isn’t true.

I agree with the bottom of the list. I don’t know that I agree with the top.

I also think that the Raiders should either hire Antonio Pierce now or move on. I have read that some are speculating that Mark Davis is hoping to land a big fish like Harbaugh and is keeping Pierce as an option to fall back on in case he fails. That would be typical of him.

If he doesn’t hire Pierce, I want him to go to the Titans.

The top 3 are shitshows at the ownership level. If you have options, stay away.

Is Washington really the #1? Over the Chargers with a good QB and some talent on the roster? Snyder gone is a good thing, but…

The arguments made in the article make sense.
But I tend to agree with you.

Vrabel interviewed with the Chargers.
If I were the Chiefs I would be nervous.

I’m honestly at a loss as to why the Chargers underperform year after year through multiple coaches. I’ve been to one game where they gave up multiple interceptions (to the Saints) in the last minutes to literally give the game away. That happens often.