Best sports story of the millenium!

Anything involving Chess and anal beads!!!

You can’t make this up!

This is pretty crazy. Maybe they programed the anal beads to vibrate morse code to communicate with the player.

Now that’s a PITA.

Wonder if there is a special buzz for “checkmate”?

Gamblers used to use something like that to cheat, but it was strapped to their leg and an accomplice would signal the player.

I’m not sure how you could cheat playing chess, everyone sees the board and pieces.

Someone takes a snapshot of the board and a computer simulator determines the optimal move.
Then they signal the player.

My son explained this to me, he follows chess forums and has read about this.

Okay, that makes sense.

Don’t know if I could ever find it, but my favorite sports story has to be the guy who was injured in a soccer game, had to have several stitches in his penis, then returned to the game and scored the winning goal.

Similar strory.

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On the TV show America’s Got Talent, they will from time to time have these phony “Mentalists” on. Perhaps they are using anal beads also.