Best podcast app?

What app do you use for podcasts? I have an Android (Galaxy S8). It would be great if it is easy to use, easy to jump past commercials, easy to store lots of podcasts wherever they need to be (phone or card), and plays easily in whatever system my new, not yet purchased, car will have (possibly a Prius Prime, but TBD).

I’m not an early adopter. Currently, I’m still using an iPod Classic. Time to join the 2010s, maybe even the 20s.

My son listens to podcasts all the time.
I may sound like a broken record, but Spotify seems to be the best.

Showing my ignorance. Spotify does podcasts too? I was eventually going to post a separate question about music streaming services. I might be leaning toward Spotify. I thought I might do Amazon, but they’ve really been pissing me off lately. Though I currently have a free month of Amazon Unlimited, which they just gave me because they must have gotten tired of begging me to subscribe.

When we decided to subscribe we were choosing between Amazon Unlimited and Spotify.
We already had the free Spotify and Prime music for free.
My kids pushed us towards Spotify and I am happy with it.
Here is a link comparing, and the glaring difference is Spotify has podcasts.

I’ll just toss this in, keep it in the same thread. For music streaming, one of my biggest criteria is that I like albums. I don’t really get the obsession with playlists and such. I still like albums. One of the reasons I had thought about sticking with Amazon is that I’m already tied into their universe and I have wishlists, public and private with literally hundreds of albums I want to listen to, someday. So, whatever service I use, I need a way to do albums easily and to have my someday list.

I just looked and you can download albums to your library.
I had to prove to my son that the Beastie Boys “Paul’s Boutique” was one of the best hip hop albums of all time and I downloaded it as an album.
I have several others, but that is the first example that came up.

Here is a screenshot of my albums library, don’t judge.

Thx. Licensed to Ill was available on Prime so I was listening to it not long ago.

When not in meetings, I am usually listening to either music or a podcast at work, alternating albums/podcasts.

Licensed to Ill reminds me of high school.
Paul’s Boutique is really when the Beastie Boys stopped being a gimmick and showed that they had talent.

Hmm…will have to check it out.

Another thing I like about Spotify (I should get paid for being their spokesman) that my son taught me is their “Release Radar” and “Discovery Weekly” which are playlists of music you may not know based on your listening history.
I am weird enough that I had back to back Reggae and Casey Donahue.
Here is a song that came up today that I think you may like.

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