Best cable TV streaming service?

I’m losing my huge Direct TV discount soon and am looking for alternatives. I could get by with an attena and a couple streaming services like Prime (free), HBO Max (also free), Hulu and Netflix, but my wife would miss a few channels she likes and installing an attena will be a pain. Doing some research YouTube TV looks like the best deal for what I want at $65 a month.

Do you use a streaming cable like TV service and would you recommend it?

I like Hulu Live.
I have to have it for sports.
We also have Netflix and Prime (how do you get HBO Max free)

It’s included in my cell phone plan for some reason.

I’m thinking of dropping Netflix next month and just getting it a few times a year to binge, then drop it.

I switched to Hulu with live TV a while back. Mostly like it. Hulu ad free sure does have a lot of ads though.

That’s 2 for Hulu, I’m going to try the YouTube TV free week and check if Hulu offers a free trial. How’s the Hulu DVR?

I am pretty sure they do.

I have been a Dish Network customer for 20 years, know that I am overpaying for it. But you as a new customer would probably get a good deal with Dish.

Not bad. Storage isn’t huge. The only issue lately is a glitch where if I stop a recorded program in the middle and come back to it, it sometimes starts over from the beginning.

I’m paying $11 a month for Direct TV, that’s going away soon, I really don’t want another dish and a streaming service is probably best for what I need. There’s no equipment, you can cancel anytime and my kid will be able to stream it at school.

Thanks, I think I’ll try Hulu, YouTube and maybe sling free offers and let the boss (my wife) choose. They’re all around $65 a month and have most of the same channels and features.

From what I have heard, most offer the same channels for about the same price.
It is more personal preference and a few little things that make people choose one over the other.

HBO is owned by AT&T now.
I also get it included (not free :grinning:) in my 1 Gig Internet Service.

I assume Bear has AT&T Cell Service.

I have Youtube TV. The unlimited DVR and no need to do deletes to avoid hitting the limit was the decider for me.

YouTube TV works pretty nicely for us. We like its user interface better than Hulu which we’ve also tried. I think Hulu lacked a few channels we preferred. Perhaps their regional broadcast TV was lacking, and we’re aren’t in an area where antenna TV is an option. Of Course, all the the services seem to be in constant battles with the content providers. Right now, YouTube TV is feuding with the Disney package and some ESPN stuff.

Not to hijack your thread, but actually to hijack your thread: what I’m curious about is, you can’t get every streaming service. We have Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and Paramount. There are occasionally shows on HBO Max that we’d like and now, Apple TV has Stephen King’s Lisey’s story, and I think, Asimov’s Foundation, and a couple of others.

My solution so far is to be the last holdout person to still have Netflix DVDby mail. But they seem to not be getting everything we want. At least one show, The Nevers, came out on DVD, but they don’t have it.

I read Netflix may end DVD’s by mail next year, but was shocked they still have over 3 million subscribers.

I use Roku and when you search a show or movie it shows where you can find it. For example The Nevers is free on HBO Max or you can rent it for $2.99 an episode from several places. I’ve done pay per view for a movie I really wanted to see, but 3 bucks an episode for a TV show seems steep. I would think if they charged $10 a season or $.99 an episode they’d sell more streams.

Looks like so far 2 for Hulu Live and 2 for YouTube TV. I’m waiting until I get the Direct TV increase to switch, thanks for your input.

I would at least haggle with DirecTV to see if they can keep your bill from climbing with other discounts. They’re hemorrhaging customers right now and you never know.

I’m positive I’m overpaying for my DirecTV but my dad needs his channels. And I like having Showtime and HBO apps that I share with family so I see enough value to keep it.

I watched a YouTube review of streaming services (the guy actually used to work for Clark or provided content for him) that liked YouTube TV best because of the unlimited DVR. He had a strategy to record every episode of everything you liked and there was enough stuff to watch you wouldn’t need another service like Netflix or Paramount. The problem is Netflix has some exclusive shows like Cobra Kai, Ozark and a few others.

I get the discount through work and am paying $11 a month, they’ll never get close to that. Hulu Live or YouTube TV offers everything I need for $65 a month and seems easier to sign up for and cancel, plus no equipment to rent or hook up.

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