Bengals' Zac Taylor not a fan of NFL's coin toss solution: 'We just want the rules to be followed'

Yes this is actually a problem

If the Bills and Bengals were to both win, they should boycott the AFC championship game and super bowl as that would cost the NFL billions

Sure it would give the NFC champion, the Super Bowl by forfeit but the NFL would lose a ton of $$$

There really is no fair way to decide the game, I’d like to hear a better solution that everyone would be fine with.

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I’m not sure of any organization that would cancel an event that generates them $15 billion in revenue.

I think Goodell is buffoon, but there really was no easy scenario for him and he handled this incredibly well.

Yes by canceling the game. Making up the rules instead of following the official rules is a problem

The one with the best percentage should determine order not the one with the most wins. The proper time to change rules is after the season

Though I do enjoy a good strike for disputes

Why couldn’t they just pick up where they were in the game?

Map out the impact on the schedule from what would be involved to make this happen and get back to us.

Following the official rules as you state would have penalized the Bills for something that wasn’t their fault.

Sounds more complex than at first glance.

Not really because the Chiefs would have the better record. Likewise the Bengals are cheated by the coin toss. If you don’t want to cheat either team assign a win to the game for each child