Beijing Olympics

I agree with this, send a message but still let the athletes compete.

But this also shows how effed up the international community is as a whole, and the IOC in particular.

Why the hell are we having the premier international athletic event in the epicenter of the global pandemic that shut down the world?

I completely agree with this. Let the Americans compete and hopefully beat the Chinese on their own turf. But Jill doesn’t need to go, even the US Ambassador shouldn’t go.

  1. The games were awarded long before the Covid virus came about.

  2. Fewer democratic nations want to spend the money to host the Olympics. Dictatorships are more than happy to spend the money to get the games as a way to show off.

I don’t know of any evidence that China is particularly more Covid dangerous than other countries. Granted, we can’t trust their numbers, but it’s likely worse here. I don’t see any point in trying to move it on short notice just to punish them. Nor would it even be possible.

That isn’t really the point.
They started it, they should be shunned by the international community for at least a decade.

There was time, but no desire by the corrupt IOC.

Very true.
Slightly off topic, how many years until we find out they end up doing the same thing that the Russians did in Sochi?

So, countries prepare for a decade or so for the Olympics, but we should have moved it elsewhere with less than a year’s notice.

In the case of China? Yes.
I don’t give a shit how long they prepared or how much money they spent.
They caused a global pandemic. Let their shit rot in mothballs.
Changing the venue won’t effect other countries hardly at all.

Edit to add;
Beijing wasn’t chosen until 2015, so it wasn’t “decades”.

Name any country prepared to take on the Olympic games on such short notice.

If the international community had planned ahead even a year ago, South Korea could have held them again. It wasn’t long ago.

A year ago the Olympic Games were hardly a priority for the international community. I doubt the Korean people would have wanted their government focusing on hosting the games a second time when there were other things, such as the pandemic, to deal with.

Hindsight is 20/20. :smiley:

Maybe, but if I was in any discussion regarding a giant gathering of people from all around the world in the middle of a global pandemic. The first thing out of my mouth would be “why the fuck are we gathering in the exact place where this started?”